In Thankgiving

In Thankgiving

Dear Friends,

Thank you to those who were able to join us for the Mass celebrating the 60th Anniversary of St. Margaret Mary Catholic School. (Special thanks to the choir for the very beautiful music!) On this joyous occasion, we take time to thank God for the gift of our school community. For sixty years, St. Margaret Mary Catholic School has impacted the lives of its students by building a solid faith foundation and by providing a high quality Catholic education. We sincerely thank and recognize the dedicated teachers who have shared the gospel message with the students and have helped them grow in faith and knowledge, and we especially thank the Sisters of Christian Charity who helped to found St. Margaret Mary Catholic School.

We extend loving thanks to Mrs. Nancy Stringer who served tirelessly as principal of St. Margaret Mary Catholic School for over twenty years. Most importantly, on behalf of the students and staff of St. Margaret Mary Catholic School, I thank Fr. Walsh who has strongly supported our school for nearly thirty years, making it what it is today—a school where our Catholic faith is nurtured and the whole child is taught. Our school community loves and thanks Fr. Walsh, our Good Shepherd.

Heartfelt thanks to Bishop John Noonan for celebrating the anniversary Mass with us. We were so happy to share such a joyful occasion with Bishop Noonan.

We pray today in thanksgiving to our loving God for the gift of our school, and we ask Him to watch over our school and parish community and to bless the work that is done at St. Margaret Mary Catholic School. May we continue to strive to build up the Kingdom of God here on Earth.

With love in Christ,

Mrs. Katie Walsh