Choosing Love over Fear

Written by SMMCS 2nd grade teacher, Kim Veliz

The phrase “fear not” is stated in the bible 365 times.  Some might say that’s a coincidence, but everything in life is part of a divine path. In times of darkness, finding the light of the divine path can be extremely challenging and anxiety provoking.  It is much easier said than done to say “look for the positive” or “it’s all going to be ok” when the fear is over powering.  Our world is in a state of distress and panic; however, it is in these times that we can recognize that we are truly ONE – a universal world.  We are not separate beings; rather we are all connected by our Creator.  This truth can bring a small sense of relief, maybe, knowing that through compassion, kindness, and love, we will get through this together. 

It’s been said there are really only two emotions; love and fear – right now, the majority of the world is operating in fear.  Fear is a natural human response, conditioned by our human minds, which at times can feel paralyzing and out of our control.  Luckily, for us, the opposite of fear is love.  Knowing that we have the ability and choice to choose love at any time is empowering and comforting. Love is a power so strong that our human minds cannot comprehend its full capacity. Our minds want to be angry, fearful, and anxious at God for bringing us to a time of despair, but our God does not punish, He is not fearful, He is not anxious, He is not angry, and He does not bring despair.  Our God is love, He is joy, He is compassion, He is peace, He is abundance, He is truth, He is light, He is prosperity, He is unconditional, He is hope, He is promise, and the list goes on and on. 

The list of love far outweighs the list of fears every single time - love does truly conquer all. So how do we choose love when our human minds are immersed in fear?  I am.  The two most powerful words in the human language given to us by God to remind us who we are.  If we want to let God in, we must remember who He is. I am the way, I am the truth and I am the life (John 14:6).  The only way out of the darkness is through, and the only way through is with Him. Good will always prevail, love will always win, and this too shall pass. 

We want the answers, we want to know how and when, but that’s not our job.  Our job is to sit in the discomfort and uncertainty and fully surrender. Although surrendering is by far the most challenging task to complete as humans, it is through surrendering that we receive all of our answers.  For now, we can take comfort in knowing that we are protected by the One who never breaks His promise.  If choosing love is too big a shift to make, then choose hope.  Hope is one step closer to love and if we don’t have hope, what do we have? We have been given the gift of stillness, whether we like it or not, we are being forced to slow down.  So, we have two options; we can continue to stay in constant fear or deeply challenge our fear and stare at the awesome wonder of How Great Thou Art.

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