AR Bookfind Written Instructions and School Code

Dear Parents

AR BookFinder is an exciting new online tool from Renaissance Learning™ that will help you find appropriate Accelerated Reader™ books for your child to read. You can search two different ways for book titles that match your child's interests and reading level. Choose a method and follow the steps below:

1. Do an open search to create your own list. This allows you to search All Titles Available in AR

  • Go to AR BookFinder at the link at the bottom of this email
  • Click the Quick Search tab and type the author's name, a topic, or a book title.
  • Click the Add to AR Bookbag icon next to each book you are interested in to add the title to your virtual book bag. Click the Remove icon from AR book bag to remove it.
  • Click AR bookbag to see a list of your selections.
  • Click Print to view the list in an Adobe Reader window. Then, click the printer icon to print your book bag list to take to your library or bookstore.
  • Remember to select the appropriate reading level and “interest” level for your student.

2. Or use a keycode to view "Books in the Library". These books are the 4000+ titles that the St. Margaret Mary Library has on hand to match the 100,000+ AR tests.

  • Search a list of book titles that the St. Margaret Mary Library has the collection. Go to the link a the bottom of this email
  • Type in this keycode: JH857456
  • Click the teacher lists tab to see the specific titles “Books in the Library”
  • Follow steps 3-5 from the above method to add to your personal lists.
  • This list contains only test that have the corresponding book in the school library, although the book may be checked out by another student. Sending your student to the school library with a few choices for books is always a good idea.

For both methods of searching above remember to write down the test number for the book your child ultimately selects. Knowing the test number and the title of the book makes finding the test on the web site much easier.