Incoming 8th Graders

Summer Reading 2014

8th: All students read The Wave – Strasser
Boys: Under the Same Sky – DeFelice
Girls: The Secret Life of Bees – Kidd
All rising 8th graders need to complete the literary essay posted below.

Eighth Grade Summer English Assignment

Each of the titles presented situations that warranted acceptance and tolerance by one of all of the main characters. Considering this, choose a character who best represented the quality of acceptance, and through a five paragraph essay, chronicling his/her journey in the story, cite specific references that demonstrate this characteristic. Remember to begin with a general statement or realization about tolerance/acceptance. Then move through the remaining paragraphs (3) highlighting the various events that exemplify the character’s strong sense of righteousness. The concluding paragraph should be a summation of all that was suggested in the body of the paper. This should be typed, double-spaced in regular 12 font.