Music Classes K-2


Students & Parents,

Here are our Music Room Rules & Procedures!

Make good choices!

Use kind words.

Show respect to your teacher, classmates and the music we listen to or create.

Involve yourself!

Care for our instruments and our room.

Every music class, we...

Enter the room in our music class order, without talking.
Quickly find our spot on the music rug.
We begin warm-ups and stretches as a class!
Listen, learn and have fun!
Line up without talking and thank each other for a great class.

If we make a poor choice....

1. Ms. Sahmel attempts to make eye contact with us and signs the word, "stop."-First Non-Verbal Warning

2. Ms. Sahmel writes our name on the board.-Second Warning

3. Ms. Sahmel tells us to sit out for 5-10 minutes and think about making a better choice next time, we tell our classroom teacher, and Ms. Sahmel contacts our parents..-Third Warning

4. For serious issues, we visit Mrs. Walsh, and we bypass all other steps.