Summer is a wonderful time

Summer is a wonderful time

fate-hometDear Friends,

Summer is a wonderful time for families to slow down and to enjoy time together. Throughout these summer days, please remember to provide opportunities for the students to read and practice skills daily. Much learning progress may be lost if time is not spent over the summer reading, reviewing, and learning. Information regarding Summer Reading and Student Resources may be found under the “Parent” heading on this website.

In addition to spending some time each day reading and learning, please remember the importance of praying each day. Time spent in prayer brings us closer to God. Also, while traveling, Mass times for churches may easily be accessed at I used this resource over the weekend, and I was blessed to find a lovely church community with which to worship while I was traveling. We are reminded of Fr. Walsh’s famous quote: “There is no vacation from vocation.”

Enjoy the summer! Information regarding the upcoming school year will be sent to families and posted as we draw nearer to the beginning of the school year. Important dates are listed both on this website, as well as PlusPortals.

God bless you!