About Us

The Gospel message is foundational to St. Margaret Mary Catholic School. It is the model for the four-fold purpose of Catholic education, encompassing doctrine, community, service, and worship. The daily effort to live out the Gospel mandate promotes the integration of religion into the overall curriculum. This fosters a loving, caring environment which facilitates learning and supports a deeper commitment to justice, peace, and human dignity.

As a school community, students are presented with many opportunities to share their faith. Each day, the school gathers to share Morning Prayer. Students attend weekday mass to further their spiritual growth. They participate in a variety of ministries in these masses including sacristans, greeters, altar servers, cantors, gift bearers, and lectors. Middle school students also participate in First Friday Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

The campus environment at St. Margaret Mary Catholic School displays Catholic symbols in accordance with liturgical seasons. Each classroom has a special area reserved for prayer. At the beginning of each class, before lunch, and at the end of the day, students share special intentions while praying together.

The instructional religion program at St. Margaret Mary Catholic School is multi-faceted. Students in kindergarten through eighth grade utilize Silver, Burdett & Ginn’s Blest Are We. Teachers supplement the curriculum with numerous resources, including: the Bible, liturgical magazines, religious videos, internet resources, and Children’s Daily Prayers.

The school community lives out its faith through genuine service to others. Students, faculty, and families serve in many ways and ministries. Please refer to the COMMUNITY SERVICE section for a brief description.

SMMCS families set a wonderful example by their attendance at Sunday (Saturday vigil) masses to celebrate the Holy Eucharist with their children. The administration and faculty support mass attendance and recognize how important that celebration is to family life and to church.