Students attend art class once per week and create a variety of hands-on projects which include drawing, painting, sculpture, and printmaking.  During class, students explore many art media, develop their understanding of composition, and study artists both past and present, while also practicing how to use art as a means of self-expression.  St. Margaret Mary artists have many opportunities to share and display their artwork throughout the year both on campus and at community events. 


The Library Media Center is a welcoming space for all students to read, explore and create.  The Library Media Center focuses on fostering a love of reading, developing information literacy skills, and creating lifelong learners within our student body.   


Music is held once every week in the school music room which is filled many wonderful instruments including xylophones, handbells, boom whackers, drums, and more!   In our classes we explore music through movement, playing, singing, and even composing music using various types of technology.  Students can also choose to be a part of the many musical ensembles and perform in a variety of events held in our school, church, and community!  The goal of music class is to encourage students to use their musical gifts in praise of God and to recognize each person’s unique musical gift as a way to share His message and love. 

Physical Education

SMM Physical Education class prepares children to develop movement and sports skills with confidence, maintain and learn about an active and healthy life style, improve self-discipline and demonstrate positive social skills.  Students in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade have P.E. twice each week. 


Students in the Computer Lab learn a variety of technology skills coupled with cross-curricular projects in most subjects, including science, social studies, math, and ELA. All grade levels are introduced to correct keyboarding techniques, typing, coding, digital art, internet safety, word processing, internet research, and file management. Additional skills, such as writing literacy, working with graphics, and utilizing software to develop presentation skills are incorporated with curricula at age-appropriate grade levels. St. Margaret Mary Catholic School subscribes to Microsoft Office 365 for students and teachers, which encourages communication, enhances team-building, and advances our collaborative learning environment. 


Spanish class is designed to learn the Spanish language through listening and speaking, reading and writing using different fun activities such as games and music. Cultural celebrations from Spanish speaking countries are also an important part of the curriculum. Students are involved in many activities during the school year.