Academic Support

SMM recognizes each child/student is a unique person/learner/individual created in the image of God. The Academic Support team works with parents, students, teachers to best support and help each student reach their level of success and become their own best advocate.

Academic Support for lower grades:

St. Margaret Mary employs a team of 4 teachers who are certified in Exceptional Education. Our Academic Support team services all of our students who need a little extra attention in their learning outside of the traditional classroom experience. They work one-on-one, in small groups, and push into the classrooms. They collaborate with classroom teachers to provide an enriching and supportive learning experience for all of our students.

Academic Support for upper grades:

The upperlevel academic support program is designed to support students with learning challenges or documented disabilities by providing levels of intervention, accommodation, and classroom support. Academic Support Students in 4th-8th can seek help before school and during lunch in the Learning Lab. Care teams meet regularly to discuss progression and how to best meet the needs of our students.