Our online application is active in late January, with a due date in early February.  We will schedule a Kindergarten Screening appointment for our Kindergarten applicants.  We will offer an Admissions Readiness test for our applicants for Grades First through Eighth. 

Schedule a Tour

Schedule a tour:  Contact 407-644-7537

Open House

Fall Preview – Early November
Annual Open House – Late January, during Catholic Schools Week 

The following documents are required with the online application: 

  1. Student Photo – please use a head shot for application photo 
  2. Birth Certificate 
  3. Baptism Certificate 
  4. State of Florida Physical Form DH3040 
  5. State of Florida Immunization Form DH680 
  6. Family Photo 
  7. Introductory Letter: from parents to Fr. Walsh and Mrs. Walsh introducing your family, outlining your parish involvement 
  8. Kindergarten applicants:  Kindergarten Development Readiness Form –  Provide email address for current Pre-K teacher, form completed online 
  9. Kindergarten applicants:  contact school office to schedule Kindergarten Screening appointment & pay $50 screening fee 
  10. Applicants for Grades 1-8:  Request for Information Prior to Acceptance – Provide email address for current teacher(s), form completed online 
  11. Applicants for Grades 1-8:  Copy of two prior years’ and most recent Report Cards 
  12. Applicants for Grades 3-8:  Copy of prior years’ and most recent standardized testing results 
  13. Applicants for Grades 1-8:  Admissions readiness test
Fall Preview Open House: Family Life CenterNovember 2, 20237:00 pm
Middle School PreviewNovember 7, 20238:15 am
On-line Application Open January 19, 2024All day
Open House: Family Life Center February 1, 20249:00 am
Returning Families Re-enrollment Due February 6, 2024All day
New Family Applications Due February 9, 2024All day
Kindergarten Screening AppointmentsFebruary 19 – 22, 2024Various
Grades 1 – 8 Assessment AppointmentsFebruary 28 and March 6, 20243:00 pm
Pre-K Acceptance Letters Mailed March 15, 2024All day
Grades K – 8 Acceptance Letters Mailed April 1, 2024All day